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Archirivolto was founded by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci in 1983 as an industrial and general design and architecture practice. While studying Architecture in Florence, Claudio and Marco came together with some friends to form an experimental theatre group.  When they decided to carry their partnership forward into the world of design, their interest in the theatre proved a key determinant in their approach, with creativity, a sense of reality and responsiveness and awareness to the audience/consumer as central. 
Wishing to understand the world of production and the market from the inside, they began by running an avant-garde furniture store.  In 1995 the young designer Cristian Gori, fresh from the Architecture Section of the Siena Institute of Art, joined the group.
Archirivolto sees design as meaning beauty, harmony and freedom.  It cannot be constrained by rigid preset rules, or exist as the privilege of a social or cultural elite.  The designer’s task is to create beauty for all and to bring creative design into the lives of an ever-larger number of people.

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